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August 24
"Pint-for-Pint" is Newsworthy!

Our involvement with Braunstein's 4th Annual Blood Drive was covered in The Queens Tribune and The Queens Gazette - check them out!

July 29, 2016
Spoon University's List of 31 LI Foods "To Eat Before You Die" Includes Ben's Matzo Ball Soup

Spoon University listed our matzo ball soup as one of the quintessential Long Island specialties to eat before you die. "Our matzoh game is strong," the article comments. "We don't mess around."

June 29, 2016
Suozzi Celebrates Nomination at Ben's in Greenvale

Newsday and FiOS 1 both covered newly-nominated Rep. Thomas Suozzi's victory speech from Ben's Kosher Deli in Greenvale after the results of the Democratic primary for the 3rd Congressional District were announced on Tuesday, June 28, 2016.

Tom Suozzi was joined by his father (a retired New York State Supreme Court Justice), Melinda Katz (the Queens Borough President), former Suffolk County Executive Pat Halpin, town council members, NYC council members, campaign staff and supporters to celebrate the event and Tom's capture of the Democratic nomination for the 3rd Congressional seat vacated by Steve Israel. We had over 200 people until after 12:30 a.m.!

Florida Tourism Boosts Boca Raton Biz

Business News Daily featured our fearless leader Ronnie Dragoon in its article about small businesses in Florida. 

February 25, 2016
Ben's Deli Special Rx

Long Island Jewish World reported on Dr. Passes' "prescription" of Ben's Chicken in a Pot Soup! Dr. Passes has, for fifteen years, recommended this delicious soup as a soothing rememdy for pain after oral surgery. 


February 26, 2016
Chicken Soup is What the Dentist Ordered

The Island Now wrote a story about our friend Dr. Passes and his recommendation to oral surgery patients to eat Ben's Chicken in a Pot Soup to relieve after-surgery pain and stay hydrated!

Rest – Check, Fluids – Check, Ben’s Chicken in a Pot – Check!

Dr. Harvey Passes Prescribes Ben’s Kosher Deli’s Famous Soup to all Oral Surgery Patients

[Great Neck, New York] – Anyone who has experienced oral surgery – be it wisdom tooth removal or a root canal – can recall the post-operative pain they’ve endured. For patients of Passes Dental Care in Great Neck, New York, the prescription for recovery includes Ben’s Chicken in a Pot, from Ben’s Kosher Deli. The practice has been serving up this solution for more than 15 years after its Owner and Chief Dentist Harvey Passes had a serendipitous week that included a passed out post-op patient and dinner with his family at Ben’s in Wheatley Plaza.

The story begins with Dr. Passes visiting the restaurant. He had selected Ben’s Chicken in a Pot as his entrée for the evening, a choice that was “tasty and plentiful enough to take home for another meal the next day.” This famous Ben’s dish has been described by food critics as “an epic mélange” of half a fall-off-the-bone chicken with one matzo ball, kreplach, noodles, peas and carrots.

Later that same week, Dr. Passes performed a tooth extraction on a patient. Though she was nurse, and therefore a medical professional herself, he provided her with the same instructions as every other patient – plenty of food and fluids in order to avoid dehydration, brought on from the rapid bloodloss during surgery and the need to urinate post-operatively.

Unfortunately, this patient did not heed his warning. When Dr. Passes called the nurse later that evening to inquire about her condition – as he does with every patient – he learned that she’d passed out from dehydration and EMTs were in her home, tending to her. This resulted in a hospital trip and an IV drip to increase her fluid levels. “The problem with oral surgery is that people lose their appetite and just want to sleep,” explains Dr. Passes.

Dr. Passes quickly thought of his Ben’s Chicken in a Pot meal. “I thought that the entrée so very tasty, filling  and soft enough to be easily consumed by oral surgery patients that it might just hit the spot,” he continues. “And I was right. Somehow, it activates taste buds and stimulates people’s desire to eat.”

So, for more than 15 years now, “I have been advising my oral surgery patients to consume it in order for them to avoid dehydration and fever. I’ve been told that the deli counter people are very impressed when my patients present their prescriptions for Chicken in a Pot. The Ben’s employees are all very accommodating and tell my patients to ‘please take a seat,’ that they will bring them the order and subsequently ask ‘can we do anything for you?’ My patients still talk about their prescrptions even years after their procedures.”

For more information about Ben’s Deli, visit, and Passes Dental Care, visit

January 21
Long Island Jewish World Loved Scarsdale's First Birthday Party

Long Island Jewish News wrote a rave review in their article featuring our Scarsdale location's first Birthday! The artile dicusses the versatility of our party room and our fun bar atmosphere! Our combos for $20 plus tax at our birthday party are not to be missed and we're offered $1 specials through March! These Scarsdale-only specials include entrees, appetizers, drinks and more -- Yum!

Read the article below for more details. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)

January 6
Ben’s of Scarsdale Celebrates its First Birthday

Successful Launch also Provides Lessons for Expansion of Traditional Deli with a Modern Twist

Regardless of whether you’ve been in the business for decades or are just starting out, opening a new restaurant can be a challenge. One that requires ample training, finessing new computer systems and professionals who are already trained to handle daily operations. This is a lesson well-learned for the Ben’s Restaurant Group, which first opened its Scarsdale location with a brand-new staff and quickly discovered that Ben’s Kosher Deli’s unique brand of dining requires leadership from experienced staff.  

With computer problems in the rearview mirror and management brought in from other Ben’s locations, Ben’s of Scarsdale is providing the high-quality Ben’s experience that customers have come to know and love over the past 43 years. As one of only two Ben’s with a full bar, the Scarsdale restaurant is poised to become the company’s premier location.

Since taking over as General Manager of the Scarsdale location last spring, Oscar Molina has been busy applying what he learned from his previous General Manager positions at Ben’s Manhattan and Bayside locations, to the new Scarsdale operation. “What we do can’t be taught in a training program or on the first day of the job,” he explains. “High standards of customer service and quality, and fresh food, have always been our hallmarks. My goal is to show the people of Westchester all that is great about Ben’s Kosher Deli.”

To achieve this, Mr. Molina knew that he would need the perfect team alongside him. For the kitchen, Ben’s Founder-Owner Ronnie Dragoon convinced Chef Atilio Cyalis to move to New York from Boca Raton, Florida, where he’d helped open and operate Ben’s largest location. Chef Cyalis also brought several other Ben’s veterans on board, strengthening the kitchen both in the food preparation area and on the cook line. With things running more smoothly, the Chef is starting to allow his creativity and passion for food to flourish with some signature desserts, a broad array of homemade soups and dinner specials that are unique to Scarsdale. At the deli counter, Mr. Molina has assembled an enthusiastic and friendly team for takeout and delivery customers.

“We’re doing really well compared to where we were last spring,” he notes. “Our guest feedback has dramatically improved, but our team in Scarsdale is not going to rest until we have the reputation of the crown jewel among all Ben’s stores.”

The 90-guest party room located upstairs is what Mr. Molina considers to be his secret weapon as it comes complete with full audiovisual capabilities, an area for dancing and a balcony that offers the flexibility to accommodate any party, meeting or event. Chef Cyalis is also excited about this space as it offers him the prospect of working with individuals, organizations and companies on customized menus for events.

Throughout its 43-year history, Ben’s has forged lasting connections with customers. Perhaps, this is due to the personality of Mr. Dragoon, who always goes out of his way to take care of guests. Or perhaps it is Ben’s dedication to preserving the eastern European Jewish heritage. Or maybe it’s the home-cooking that reminds many of the foods eaten and times enjoyed in years gone by. It’s probably a combination of all three.

You can always rest assured that Ben’s staff wants you to enjoy your food and your visit. They will go out of the way to make sure that guests are happy. It is as though you were visiting with them at home. Ben’s relishes turning demanding customers into lifelong guests. The other thing: it is unlikely that you will leave hungry. Like your Jewish Grandma, there’s no skimping on portions. Nothing ridiculous, but filling for sure.

One thing’s for sure: Ben’s of Scarsdale has turned the corner and is poised to join its Ben’s brethren as a premier restaurant, delicatessen and caterer, with a decidedly modern twist, for those who remember Jewish delis on every corner.

In celebration of Scarsdale’s “First Birthday,” Ben’s is offering combos priced at $20.16 and $1 specials on individual menu items from mid-January to March 31. These Scarsdale-only specials include everything from apps and sides to entrées and drinks. There will also be featured pricing on bar items every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3 to 6 p.m.