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May 2014

Westchester Progress Report: May 19, 2014

Construction is under way at our new Scarsdale location. Stay tuned for more photos as we move along.

The view of Ben's beautiful new Westchester restaurant from the street.

Ben's inviting front entrance welcomes guests.

The expansive dining room and full bar. Martinis and pastrami anyone?

Ben's 2nd floor party space with balcony can accommodate over 80 guests.

February 14-20, 2014

Claude Solnik
Long Island Business News

From Schmear To Eternity

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From Schmear To Eternity

January 13, 2014

Susan Cohen for

Chicken Fingers, Fries, and A Coke... Family Bonding Over Meals At Ben's

Chicken fingers, fries, and a Coke. That was my standard order at Ben’s, and I was always loyal. I especially loved the fries, with their crinkles and those little bits of potato skin. Being a Ben’s regular, I ordered them often.

Growing up on Long Island, my family would go there every few Saturday nights for dinner. We were booth people, who occasionally sat at a table. Once seated, I was focused on one thing: that very first sip of Coke in one of Ben’s signature tinted, textured plastic glasses. There was something so special about them. I don’t know if I thought Coke tasted better in plastic tinted glass, or if it was that since I rarely had it, Coke was a treat, but I was enraptured.

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December 4, 2013

Linda Haase /
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Comfort Food With A Dose of Humor At Ben's Deli

Kosher deli food -- everything from brisket to knishes to chopped liver and more. Their motto: "We cure our own corned beef. Our chicken soup cures everything else."

Lively. Check the walls for clever, humorous proverbs and interest artwork. One of them: "For 5,000 years we were a wandering people. Then we found Boca Raton."


September 7, 2013
Bill Thompson, NYC Mayoral Candidate

On September 7th, NYC Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson visited Ben's in Bayside. Pictured below is Mr. Thompson with Ben's General Manager Hal Simon! Bill Thompson is the second NYC Mayoral candidate to visit Ben's this year, Christine Quinn also visited Ben's Bayside on July 28th. In fact, Ben's welcomes candidates from all parties. After all, tummies and taste buds are something we all share!

Bill Thompson, NYC Mayoral Candidate

August 5, 2013
Ben's 2013 Rosh Hashanah Commercial

Look for our TV commercials on your local channels OR check them out on YouTube below:

July 28, 2013
Christine Quinn, NYC Mayoral Candidate and Speaker of the City Council

Christine Quinn, NYC Mayoral candidate and speaker of the City Council
Christine Quinn, NYC Mayoral candidate and speaker of the City Council, and her staff enjoyed delicious hot dogs, knishes and potato pancakes at Ben's in Bayside on July 28th.

Pictured above with Ben's staff (l-r): Jenna Leibowitz, Dana Dorian, Christine Quinn and Fran Sanchez.

July 25, 2013
Free Voices of Children of Holocaust Survivors

Free Voices of Children of Holocaust Survivors
"Free Voices of Children of Holocaust Survivors" had their bi-annual get together at
Ben's Kosher Delicatessen Restaurant and Caterers in Manhattan on July 25th.

April 16, 2013

Peter M. Gianotti

Business Lunch-Friendly Restaurants On Long Island

Even in a 24/7 world, there's still noon to 3 p.m.

The business lunch may be trimmer, its pace faster, and three martinis rare. But a lot of what the IRS terms "the active conduct of business," with half the expense deductible, continues at tables large and small across post-recession Long Island.

Here's a sampler of restaurants in five Nassau-Suffolk hubs, where you can seal the deal.

Glen Cove Road
, Greenvale: In addition to delis in Carle Place and Woodbury, there's this Ben's, the official headquarters. That corporate angle aside, it's also casual and elemental when your guest needs an overstuffed sandwich of corned beef, pastrami, brisket, hard salami and more, after a bowl of matzo ball soup. Remember the chicken or beef in the pot, too.

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April, 2013
Platina Newsletter Restaurant Review

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Ben's Boca Raton, FL Review