A Statement From Ben's



Statement from Ben’s Kosher Deli Restaurant & Caterers Regarding Inaccurate News Reports in Conjunction with the February 15, 2017 "Day Without Immigrants"

Statements and reports that Ben's fired up to 25 employees are false.

In anticipation of “A Day Without Immigrants,” Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen Restaurant & Caterers, posted a formal statement to its Greenvale employees on Wednesday, February 15, expressing support for their human rights and requesting that they fill their shift as scheduled on Thursday, February 16.

While some employees opted to participate in the walkout, several others chose to work and, as a result, the leaders of the protest put pressure on the others to walk out, even threatening physical harm to colleagues choosing to work their shifts.

As it is Ben’s mission to provide a safe and welcoming work environment for all employees, company owner Ronnie Dragoon found this to be a cause for immediate dismissal of the employees who made the threats. Of the 21 of employees who participated in the “Day Without Immigrants", 9 employees have returned to work.