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April Ruminations and Ronnifications

Oh, about fifteen years ago, I went from bologna slicer to Internet user. Now, I respond to our customers via email instead of a phone conversation. No need to call multiple vendors to get pricing for equipment, meat, fish, poultry, produce, or paper disposables. The quicker, more impersonal, time-saving Internet is now my weapon of choice. Not only does it work, but it gives me the opportunity to exercise my writing style (which is usually humorous). In fact, I oftentimes win over current and future patrons alike with my sense of humor. I admit, however, that it has been difficult to learn the nomenclature – virus, paste, copy, search engines, the cloud, ad infinitum.

I love it when that voice I've come to know so well calls out, "you've got mail." The first time I heard this, I jumped out of my chair. By the time that same voice commanded "goodbye," I was starting to enjoy this brave new world. And, I thought that the radio, television, phone and fax machines were great inventions! My question, then and now, is how were we able to do anything without it!

This neophyte is enthralled by it all!

I used to say, “I'll see you in the deli.” Now I say, “See you on the Web!”