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December Ruminations & Ronnifications

December 2016 (Greenvale, New Yok)

It's November 18th and I've been charged with writing a December piece for “Ronnie's Blog.” Blog? Is that a noun or a verb? Someone may have a blog (noun), but can he or she also blog (verb)? This is a strange new world for me. When someone first asked me to go online, I didn't know it was only one word; I thought it was two! In fact, I asked, where is the line and how long is it?

Once I started to realize that this was a brave new world for this soon to be septuagenarian** (okay, I am only 68), I came to grips with this new age of ours which is inundated with Millennials who seem forever distracted by their cell phone – either talking or texting, and sometimes even both … at the same time!

I am being forced into giving up my flip phone because I can't see pictures of my two-year-old granddaughter, and she can't see me unless I visit her. My wife told me it's called FaceTime (so if I use this mode of communication will I be FaceTiming?). I tell my wife she is a show off. With pride, she tells me she now pays our home and personal bills on a machine that is much smaller than a computer. She said she uses a tablet. I asked her if I could see this tablet, thinking that after seeing this I might have to take an aspirin tablet.

It is all so confusing to me. Now, when I receive an email, it oftentimes says “Sent from an iPhone.” Does that mean it belongs to the "I" that sent it? Sometimes it says sent from my Blackberry. I happen to like blackberries and I never knew that blackberries were an acceptable form of communication. I also now get these little pictures of people smiling, people with a halo, people crying and a host of other little symbols that I don't understand and I have to ask people around me what it means.

I thought taking Spanish in school and college was an achievement, and that learning a smattering of Yiddish was also an accomplishment, but, now, after all these years, I have to learn the whole new language of Millennials.

I think I need to go back and re-read George Orwell's book, “1984” (which I read in appx 1964).

See ya at the deli. A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah to all!