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Driver/Deli Clerk

Current Openings Available: 

Boca Raton: Driver
Applicants should send an email or contact Dara Leisten at (561) 470-9963.

Reports To: Counter Manager

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

As a Driver/Deli Clerk you will have a dual responsibility. First of all you will be a Deli Clerk preparing orders for our customers. When needed you will also serve as a delivery person. As a driver it is your responsibility to deliver all orders on a timely basis. In addition, you will care for the company vehicle, keeping it clean inside and out and reporting any problems promptly. You will make sure that regular oil changes and maintenance is scheduled as needed.

Requirements Sought

Must have clean driver's license.

Education: A high school diploma is desirable. An ability to read, write, speak and understand English is required. You must be able to add, subtract and multiply. You must take and pass the NYS defensive driving course. You must be able to read a map and use the internet to get directions.

Experience: Experience in a high volume counter operation is desirable, but not required. We would love you to have some customer service experience.

Temperament: You must be able to maintain a friendly composure under pressure and enjoy working in a fast paced environment. Of course, you must work well with coworkers in all departments.

Physical Demands: You must be able to move about easily behind a busy deli counter plus be able to reach up and bend down to get stored items in the work area. You must be able to handle a very fast paced environment for hours at a time. From time to time, bulk supplies and catering packages weighing 25 to 50 pounds must be moved.

Salary: Will be discussed at time of interview.