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January Ruminations & Ronnifications

January 2017 (Greenvale, New York) 

Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely time spending the holidays with your loved ones!

As with every New Year, I spend the early part of January wondering what the future holds. This year, my thoughts have migrated to when I’ll retire and whether I’ll downsize. I also wonder how we’ll mature to withstand the changing tastes and demographics of the millennial generation. 

The New Year also reminds me to be grateful for all that I have experienced and amassed over the last 45 years – whether it be family (especially my grandchild), friends, colleagues, restaurants or material things – and all that I still have. I can still walk, albeit more slowly. I still have great recall, except for more recent events. I can still analyze and think and write, it just takes me longer to accomplish – my being easily distracted does not help. But one thing that does seem to be escaping me is my hearing, especially when I am among the cacophony of restaurant sounds. I also have less patience with sports, but I am increasingly mesmerized by the news and world events than ever before.

One of my favorite things to think about in the New Year is all of the employees who graduated from Ben's University through the years. I am so proud of those have gone onto successful careers and especially grateful for those who have chosen Ben’s AS their career path. I also reminisce about all of the dedicated employees who have passed away. And, I can't stop thinking of all my loyal patrons, and their children and grandchildren, who I have gotten to know and serve for nearly 45 years. I really appreciate all of the patrons who resettled in the new land of milk and honey – South Florida – and continue to patronize Ben's at our Boca Raton location!

What a roller coaster ride it has been! And, I have you to thank for all of it! If not for you, I couldn't indulge myself in these musings. Thank you for being a loyal customer and a Ben’s Friend. I look forward to continuing to grow older together.

See ya at the deli.