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June Ruminations & Ronnifications

As summer approaches, and the 2016 Presidential election comes ever closer, I am reflecting on what a tumultuous year it has been what with the end nearing for the first African American President and a Presidential election that may either elect the first female (former First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State) or the brash political neophyte and former businessman whose first foray into electoral politics is taking place now! To watch MSNBC, CNN and Fox News every evening and see the events unfold is better than any television show I can remember. To say it is entertaining would be an understatement.

Sixteen years ago, the First Lady was campaigning as a New Yorker for the vacant United States Senate seat and chose to visit Ben's in Greenvale (as we were celebrating our grand reopening after an extensive renovation) where she sat down graciously and spoke with quite a few of us in a town hall-type setting and later greeted patrons throughout the restaurant. 

To be fair, four years earlier, Mayor Rudy Giuliani attended the grand opening of Ben's Manhattan in 1996. The day before the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony, they replaced all the lighting on West 38th Street (where Ben's is situated, just off 7th Avenue). Everyone on the block thought I had all this political clout but it was only dumb luck!  Combining that with the Mayor's presence was simply too much for people on the block to think otherwise.

To think that two New Yorkers are running for the highest office in the land is incredible. To know that one of them will by your President is interesting. When I pull the lever (or put the paper through the computer, as the case may be), I hope the candidate of my choice will prevail; and I know that you hope your candidate will prevail... but it can only happen if you exercise your right to vote! 

Thanks for listening. See ya at the deli.