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March 2016 (Greenvale, New York)

As spring approaches – with its warmer weather and longer sunlit days – a renewed sense of energy envelopes us all. With that feeling, I want to make Ben's the very best it can be made amidst the changing labor market and fewer reliable suppliers, along with the financial pressures of higher rents, insurance and health care costs. It is my determination to have Ben's succeed.

Thank goodness we still make our own cole slaw (and all our other salads); cure our own corned beefs and tongues (which are going the way of Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray soda); clean, scrub and hand cut our French fries; and make all of our soups from scratch – all without the aid of computers, iPods, iPads, smart phones and new-fangled watches. In other words, without the trappings of this new technological world. We need to succeed by just plain old hard work without cutting any corners! Will it still work? I certainly hope so. 

See You at the Restaurant,