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May Ruminations and Ronnifications

One of the great joys in my 43-year career has been the opportunity to mentor the many young people who have worked for us and gone on to high-level careers in the medical, judicial, educational, financial and real estate markets of the world. 

Through the years, many have written to me to say that the greatest lessons in life were learned from their time working at Ben's as teenagers and college students. 

I still remember helping high schoolers with their college applications, helping college students with their course work and, above all, demonstrating how hard work and diligence are the perfect recipe for success. I am most proud of these former Ben's workers. If they could make it through the rough and tumble world of dealing with a demanding public during a Ben’s apprenticeship, there is not a person out there who they cannot handle.

I believe (and hope) that I have made a lasting impression on many of those who joined me on this journey and that I continue to do so for those who now still work shoulder to shoulder with me on this continuing adventure.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our patrons through the years for their loyalty and good wishes and for enlightening the generations that followed. And, to all the workers, managers and vendor partners who have joined me along the road that I have chosen to travel.

With humility, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart,