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Employment Opportunities

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Current Openings Available: 

No Openings At This Time.

Reports To: Floor Manager or Kitchen Manager

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

Our guests expect Ben's to be a spotlessly clean, well-maintained restaurant where they can feel comfortable and relaxed. The Porter has primary responsibility for meeting these expectations, though at Ben's, we expect all of our staff to keep their work areas clean as well. Your duties consist of a wide variety of daily, weekly and periodic cleaning and maintenance tasks. Everything from keeping the rest rooms clean and properly stocked during busy periods, to making our floors, walls and equipment sparkle are part of the Porter's job. Minor repairs, paint touch-ups and pretty much anything else required to make our restaurants clean and attractive to our guests is something our Porter cheerfully does.

Requirements Sought

Education: Knowledge of some English is preferred but not necessary.

Experience: Previous experience in cleaning and maintenance preferred.

Temperament: A smiling face and pleasant manner plus a willingness to work hard is all we require.

Physical Demands: You must be able to move about frely in and out of a busy kitchen and around tables. You must be able to carry up to 50-pounds. You must be able to clean and move continuously for several hours at a time. You must be comfortable on ladders and be able to stand, kneel, stretch, squat and be physically able to scrub, mop, haul and perform a wide variety of other physically demanding tasks.

Salary: Will be discussed at time of interview.