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September Ruminations & Ronnifications

September 2016 (Greenvale, New York) 

As the next season befalls us, we will see the leaves change from green to orange, to red and to yellow until, ultimately, there are no leaves.... leaving us with barren trees to view until next Spring – my favorite season. 

Certainly, as I get older, the changing of the seasons becomes more precious with much more meaning and import. How many storms, snowstorms, blizzards and hurricanes will we have to endure? How many potholes will we have to traverse this winter? How many electric outages will leave us shivering to the bone?

But, I will happily endure these mini hardships for the right to write about these events months, and even years, later. It means that I will celebrate the traditional celebrations of my ancestors, including Thanksgiving with my soon-to-be expanding family, and other joyous winter events, along with the turning of the calendar marking yet another year away from my birth.

I don't know about you, but when I was a youngster, I always felt that a person in their forties was a senior citizen. Now, at age 68, I don't think of myself as an older person except when I buy a train or movie ticket which accords me a very special joy! And, I have learned to come to grips with the fact that (especially when people ask me to open in Boston, Chicago, DC or Las Vegas) my body and mind will simply not let me do this any longer!

See ya at the Deli!