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Employment Opportunities

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Current Openings Available: 

Applicants should send an email or contact David Czegledi at (718) 229-2367.

Boca Raton
Applicants should send an email or contact Dara Leisten at (561) 470-9963.

Applicants should send an email or contact Kevin Eccles at (212) 398-2367.

Applicants should send an email or contact Luis Flores at (516) 496-4236.

Reports To: Head Waitstaff

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

All waitstaff know that taking, processing and delivering the properly prepared order takes considerable talent. But Ben's looks for much more. "Ben's" means a very special dining experience to our customers, so we search for the person who can please our customers, make the crying baby smile and the single patron glad they sat at your table. If you are one of those unique people who others remember for your bright smile, gracious manner and ability to work in a fast paced environment, please contact us.

Requirements Sought

Education: A high school diploma is required. You must have the ability to read, write, speak and understand English fluently. The ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide with a high level of accuracy is also necessary. We will teach you how to enter orders in to the computer.

Experience: Minimum one to two years experience is preferred, but we will a train bright, highly motivated individual with the right people-pleasing attitude.

Temperament: You must love people and making them happy. You must be calm and cool under pressure and have the ability to handle any and all customer situations with tact and diplomacy. Of course, you must work well with coworkers in all departments.

Physical Demands: You must be able move about freely in a busy kitchen and around tables. You must be able to carry multiple meals and/or drinks at one time.

Salary: Pays the state and federal minimum for tipped employees plus gratuities earned.