Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Today, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation, and we know that you are facing many of the same unique challenges in this rapidly changing environment. We remain dedicated to serving our patrons and future customers in this time of need so we want to make it even easier and safer for you to continue doing so.

We are offering delivery services from all our Long Island locations, our Bayside, Queens location and Boca Raton, Florida location as well as curbside pick up.

In an overabundance of caution, we have closed our Scarsdale and Manhattan locations. I feel for our employees, our patrons and our vendors. This is a once in a lifetime event and, hopefully, we will survive and learn from this.

Our current protocols include:

      1. Educating our staff on the Coronavirus symptoms.
      2. Constantly reminding staff on how to maintain a strong immune system
      3. All staff and guests are encouraged to remain home if they are ill. We are instructing our employees to tell a manager if they are feeling any symptoms. They may return to work once they have a doctor’s note.
      4. Our staff are continuously washing and sanitizing their hands.
      5. Our staff are avoiding shaking hands and will initiate elbow bumps instead.
      6. Staff are wearing disposable gloves while rolling clean silverware.
      7. Our kitchen staff all wear gloves, changing them regularly throughout their shifts
      8. Every management team member has a county, or city approved Food Safety Handler Certification
      9. Bussers are disinfecting tables after each table turn
      10. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer, based on availability, is located in the restaurant.

Disinfecting all touchable surfaces continuously:

      1. Condiments and salt/pepper shakers
      2. Menus and/or menu holders after each use
      3. Tables, countertops and bar tops
      4. Touchscreens, POS interfaces, and credit card processors
      5. Bathroom door handles and faucet handles
      6. Handles on all entry/exit doors, back of house freezer doors, refrigerator doors, ovens, etc.
      7. Phones, headsets, etc.
      8. Additionally, all glassware, dishware, and flatware continues to be sanitized according to our normal business practices.

Thank you all for your understanding and patronage,
Ronnie Dragoon