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Oh, about fifteen years ago, I went from bologna slicer to Internet user. Now, I respond to our customers via email instead of a phone conversation. No need to call multiple vendors to get pricing for equipment, meat, fish, poultry, produce, or paper disposables. The quicker, more impersonal, time-saving Internet is now my weapon of choice. Not only does it work, but it gives me the opportunity to exercise my writing style (which is usually humorous). In fact, I oftentimes win over current and future patrons alike with my sense of humor. I admit, however, that it has been difficult to learn the nomenclature – virus, paste, copy, search engines, the cloud, ad infinitum.

I love it when that voice I've come to know so well calls out, "you've got mail." The first time I heard this, I jumped out of my chair. By the time that same voice commanded "goodbye," I was starting to enjoy this brave new world. And, I thought that the radio, television, phone and fax machines were great inventions! My question, then and now, is how were we able to do anything without it!

This neophyte is enthralled by it all!

I used to say, “I'll see you in the deli.” Now I say, “See you on the Web!”


As spring approaches – with its warmer weather and longer sunlit days – a renewed sense of energy envelopes us all. With that feeling, I want to make Ben's the very best it can be made amidst the changing labor market and fewer reliable suppliers, along with the financial pressures of higher rents, insurance and health care costs. It is my determination to have Ben's succeed.

Thank goodness we still make our own cole slaw (and all our other salads); cure our own corned beefs and tongues (which are going the way of Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray soda); clean, scrub and hand cut our French fries; and make all of our soups from scratch – all without the aid of computers, iPods, iPads, smart phones and new-fangled watches. In other words, without the trappings of this new technological world. We need to succeed by just plain old hard work without cutting any corners! Will it still work? I certainly hope so. 

See You at the Restaurant,

On a sad note: Monsignor Tom Hartman passed away earlier this week. Tom was a great man and friend and on whose show, The God Squad, I appeared numerous times. Everyone at Ben's, and I, will miss his soft spoken manner, humanity, intelligence and good will that he generated amongst all of the communities of Long Island and beyond. May he rest in peace and commune with his maker. 


As I sit in my office thinking of the past 43 plus years, I wonder how I was able to survive while many of my kosher deli peers and contemporaries went the same way as EJ Korvettes, Robert Hall, Gimbel's, Waldbaum's and the Edsel (the automobile, for you youngsters reading this).

I believe our survival has involved trying your very best, every day of every year. Never resting, never satisfied; there always had to be a better way.

Mix in empathy and an ability to communicate with customers and employees while never forgetting (at least in my case) one's humble roots, and I believe you have a recipe for success.

To all my customers and employees—old and new alike, I thank you. 


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season at home with your family. We’re looking forward to an exciting 2016, full of celebrations, family and friends. 

We launched our updated Ben’s Deli e-Newsletter this month, which has a little bit of something for everyone in every issue; customer and employee spotlights, Rewards Program updates and the latest news from Ben’s.  If you haven’t already, you should join our e-Club to ensure you receive all of our great monthly news. As you read through this blog and our electronic newsletter, I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with us through the Ask Ronnie page.

Though we continue to do everything possible to operate a modern restaurant, I continue to remain fully committed to preserving all of traditions of my Eastern European heritage and the Jewish American delicatessen. To some, delicatessen is something you put between two slices of bread; to me, it’s a calling.

This is our pledge, from the Ben’s family to you: Fresh food that is freshly prepared and courteously served in a clean, well-maintained restaurant that faithfully observes Kosher dietary laws. 

Peace and Pastrami,

To some, delicatessen is something you put between two slices of bread. To me, it’s a calling. I am committed to preserving the traditional cuisine of my Eastern European heritage, amidst all that’s required to operate a modern restaurant.

This is our pledge, from the Ben’s family to you: Fresh food, freshly prepared and courteously served in a clean, well-maintained restaurant faithfully observing the Kosher dietary laws.

I urge you to bring anything less to my personal attention by calling 1-888-344-BENS or filling out my "Ask Ronnie" form and submitting it with your questions or comments. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Any concerns will receive my prompt attention.